WoodFire Pizza Oven

What is our Pizza Oven?
1) You can use LPG
2) You can use fire wood
3) To get best results by using LPG and Fire Wood at same time, this will retain thermal heat over a period of time and is economical in Operation
4) Smokey flavor will be present at all times

Heart of Our Oven
1) India’s Best Multi Purpose oven has been designed and fabricated with utmost skill and technical expertise covering a span of 12 years.
2) Material used in our pizza oven is stainless steel, mild steel, copper of ISI Mark.
3) The Burner setup in our Pizza Oven is head of stainless steel.
4) For best insulation high quality fire bricks a mosaic tiles have been fixed on the Pizza oven dome for heat retention.
5) Top Quality fire resistant paint has been used in our Pizza oven.

Product Description

Multipurpose Pizza Oven These are rock solid stoves that are worked to keep running for a lifetime! The fixed boiler has a rural and credible Italian look. The stove can be either straight or in an arch shape. The completing of this item is for the most part with blocks (painted, red or fire blocks) or stone from the base right to the top. Our semi-versatile boiler has an advanced and great look since it is based on a strengthened steel structure on wheels. The round vault gets secured with a completing of either epoxy paint, blocks, mosaic or broken tile mosaic.